It’s 4th quarter and most of us are reviewing the intentions we set for the year.

Is starting your group practice still on your to do list?  If you are a mental health therapist looking to expand into group practice we need to chat!

Let’s talk… what’s stopping you from starting your group practice?

  • Unsure if you are ready to expand? 
  • Unclear about who you need on your team?
  • Not sure what systems you need in place?
  • Paralyzed by fear, confusion, lack of resources and support?
  • The cost related to being an employer?  

I want to help clear some of the fear, confusion and myths that are keeping you from starting a group mental health practice.

My name is Shaniqua Ford.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, CEO and founder of a six figure group mental health practice. Two years ago I was like many new to group practice. Lost, confused, not knowing where to start or how to make the best use of my time. The journey to group practice has felt long and initially was SOOOO frustrating. I invested thousands of dollars and hours into coaching, mentoring, training and software to develop an automated boutique Group Practice making six figures a year. Over the past 2 years I have created systems to automate my group practice and save me time, frustration, and $$$. 

Answer me this

How would you feel knowing what you need to:

  • Build and implement an automated system to onboard and train new staff?
  • Create an automated HIPAA compliant Intake process.
  • Develop a clear map of your client journey into and out of your practice?
  • Create and implement systems in place to manage quality assurance and compliance?


I want to help aspiring group practice owners 

  • Reduce the confusion about where to start, what to expect, by offering an intentional blueprint for group practice
  • Triumph over mindset blocks that will leave you frustrated and hopeless and paralyzed from moving into Group Practice
  • CYA, through educating themselves through coaching and my done for you swipe files, 
  • Hit the ground running with done for you templates for operations and systems recommendations for operation

I always knew I wanted to own and operate my own private practice; however, my grad school training did not teach me to go into private practice, let alone run my own group practice with employees, multiple licensure types, and disciplines! I have worked in community mental health agencies, hospitals and other private practices. I have utilized coaching, community, research, trial and error! Needless to say there was a lot of time, headache, “ahh ha” moments and $$$, what my granny would called “Bought sense” invested in these tried and true processes, procedures, and systems I want to share with you.

  • There was so much I had to SHIFT related to mindset
    • Learning to delegate
    • Learning to try and fail
    • Falling in love with the creation process
    • Learning trust on a whole different level (myself & others)
  • I keep my vision and intention. It was anchor, one I came back to repeatedly!
  • I had to learn how to build and implement systems to OPERATE my practice

Group Practice Essentials - Program Outline


What’s Included in the 

“Group Practice Essentials Program”

“Regulate. Reset. Remember What’s Real!”

It's time to Shift your Mind: Often we can feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Which means, we start with YOU! Module 1 Let us expose the inner critic and remind You of who YOU are and Why You are in the business of IMPACT. 

  • Management Style Quiz
  • Coping Style Quiz
  • Leadership Personality Quiz

Bonus: Visioning Workbook

  • “Systems and Procedures” are what allow you to focus on Impact and Purpose.

Doing what you have never done before is hard. Figuring out the order in which to do it and attempting to do it alone has probably kept you paralyzed. And understandably so, because the systems and processes you used to operate your solo practice are NOT sufficient or efficient for Group Practice operations. Soooo… Let me help!

Get Organized:

In Module 2 “Pre-Hire Basics” Get your back office in order from start to finish with the Group Practice Essentials hybrid E-course including 

  • Business Essentials Checklist
  • Operation Systems Checklist
  • Who’s on your team? Organization Mapping
  • Marketing Your Group Practice (Basics)

Get Automated: 

Get your time back by building in ease and efficiency with automation. In Module 3 “Process & Automation” I will walk you through creating workflows for your practice which you can automate and delegate. Included are my done for you customizable 

  • Top 5 standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Google Drive Back Office Folder Template
    • Customizable Onboarding Processes & WorkFlow Maps
    • Applications and software recommendations to simplify your workflow with automation

Get Hiring:

With an organized and efficient back office you can now focus on the business that literally pays you! Hiring. Included in Module 4 “HR Basics” you will learn Group Practice essentials of 

  • Elements of an Intentional Hiring Process
  • Handbooks, Contracts, and Disclosures
  • Onboarding & Training New Hires
  • Outsourcing HR responsibilities
ENROLL NOW FOR Group Practice Essentials Program ($2000)


Tenille - Private Practice Owner, IL

 “Words cannot express how grateful I am for Shaniqua and her private practice business templates. I was lost in the private practice world scrambling for answers before being introduced to Shaniqua’s systems and procedures. I now have an efficient workflow, clear and concise messaging, and systems in place to work with ease. Creating a private practice doesn’t mean you have to struggle privately. Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and our clients is to ask for help. That is why I recommend Shaniqua and the services she provides 10/10.

Nakia - Group Practice Owner, GA

 “WOW! Sis...This is awesome; my mind is completely blown at ALL the things I never considered

This program is a great fit for therapist who…

  • Want to build their foundation solid the first time
  • have been in solo practice at least 1 yr
  • who want to expand for greater community impact
  • Are new to group practice and need support implementing systems tore-launch, stabilize, or systimze their group practice.

This program/course may not be a great fit for therapist/clinician who… 

  • Do not have a strong vision or “Why” they are going into group practice.
  • Are looking for a quick path to “easy money.” The return on investment is significant, but there is work and intention required.
  • Who is not invested or interested in understanding HOW their business operates.
  • Is not self-motivated and disciplined in time management.