All The Tools You Need To Build Self-Awareness and Self-Love

The journey to mental wellness can be the most liberating and beautiful thing you do for yourself, but it can also be messy and complicated.
At Soul Werk Cafe, our goal is to make that journey easier by providing you with guidance and tools for self-regulation. Allow us to help you.
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Experience Psychological and Emotional Wellness

Within our Tools for Self Guidance ™ Subscription Box with the partnerships of trusted BIPOC therapists and wellness creators, we aim to provide experiences to help guide you towards wellness of the mind, body, and soul based on the 6 senses of:

Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Sound, and Spirit

Heal From Within

We offer specially handcrafted teas and mindful nutrition for the strengthening of the body.

Healing Sensations

We offer meditations and tangible ways to practice mindfulness and calm the nervous system.

Inhale Deeply

We offer calming scents to help your breathwork as you work through anxiety and stress.

Nature Inspired

We offer routines, ideas, and motivation to travel through and reconnect with nature.

Rejuvenating Sounds

We offer soothing meditations to help you identify areas that hold stress and to release it.

Touch Your Soul

Our products were thoughtfully chosen to create a calm, nurturing, and sacred space for deep healing.

Be The First to Know When we Launch!


The experiences within the Tools for Self Guidance ™ Subscription Box are not a substitute to therapy, but rather carefully selected experiences to help folx self-guide towards psychological and emotional wellness whether you are already in, have graduated, or are curious about trying therapy. If you are in extreme psychological or mental distress please schedule some time for a free 15-minute consultation so we can start helping you to feel better.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255); Trans Lifeline (Trans and Gender Expansive Suicide Prevention Hotline) 1-877-565-8860; The Trevor Project (LGBTQ Suicide Prevention Hotline)1-866-488-7386.