Soul Werk Cafe is a holistic mental health and emotional wellness practice that is liberation focused, rooted in healing justice, and committed to evidence based, racial and cultural responsive frameworks. Soul Work Cafe aims to provide a safe affirming space for those seeking mental health and emotional support. 

Our purpose at Soul Werk is to help clients remember their own intuitive knowing, cultivate self-trust, and understand connection to their ancestral power to heal and create the fulfilling powerful life they deserve!

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Therapy Sessions:

Soul Werk is a safe, non-judgmental healing space where clients can process and release their emotions. Our therapists practice in a holistic and integrative fashion.

What does this mean?

It means we acknowledge and allow space for all parts of our clients to be witnessed, validated, and affirmed. Clients attracted to our services are seeking a better understanding of themselves and their behaviors. They often are struggling with life challenges, emotional distress, and/ or desire support to manage common mental health concerns.

Group Work:

We offer skill-based, psychoeducation group services, as well as process oriented group therapy services. Here at Soul Werk Café we believe healing work is individual and communal. Group therapy provides an opportunity for clients to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in a safe and confidential environment. We aim to provide a safe space for individuals to share and build together. Encouraging individuals to come together, support one another, and learn how to improve the quality of emotional, mental and physical well-being ofthemselves and others together.
* Therapy groups are ideal for those seeking to improve effective communication, healthy
boundaries, self-worth/self-esteem, time-management, and self-care.

Consulting and Corporate Trainings:

Soul Werk is committed to developing and facilitating conversations around mental health and emotional wellness to decrease stigma, promote education, and provide support for resource development and training for community partners and institutions. Training and workshops can be customized and tailored to the needs of specific group or groups.


Consultation is a service that is tailored to the organization and the specific needs of that
organization. Please consider that diversity, equity, and inclusion work is systemic change work. For this reason, we do not offer one session consultations or training. A free 15 minute discovery call is provided to ensure appropriateness of fit.

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If you give a brief description of what issues need to be addressed, the talking points can be tailored to your audience.


  • Life Transitions: (divorce, parenthood, new job, new home, etc.)
  • Grief and Loss: (death, relationship, job, home, keepsake, etc.)
  • Anxiety and Stress: (persistent worry or stress that is disruptive to every day life)
  • Depression and Chronic Sadness: (vast loss of interest and energy, thoughts of suicide)
  • Trauma and PTSD: (life disrupted for fear of being triggered and reliving the event)
  • Cultural Identity and Belonging: (bicultural experiences, lack of POC community, racism)
  • Holistic Mental Health: (mental health as it relates to the body, mind, and spirit)
  • Self-Love: (learning to love one self wholly and without judgement)
  • Mental Wellness and Spirituality: (recognizing seasons and cycles of mental wellness)


  • Managing Anxiety and Stress in the Workplace (work-life balance in our new norm)
  • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution
    Diversity and Equity: (Cultivating understanding & acceptance of cultural differences within
    the workplace)
  • Racial and Gender related stress
    Decolonization: (challenging and dismantling microaggressions)
  • Holistic Mental Health: (mental health as it relates to the body, mind, and spirit)
  • Self-Love: (learning to love one self wholly and without judgement)
  • Mental Wellness and Spirituality: (recognizing seasons and cycles of mental wellness)

Clinical Supervision

Shaniqua Ford, LCSW is CEO and lead therapist at Soul Werk Cafe PLLC with over 6 years of social work experience and has completed the Clinical Supervisor Fundamental training with NASW Illinois.

Shaniqua offers group supervision to master level social work students, recently graduated social workers, and licensed social workers who are supervision hours for licensure. Shaniqua Ford, LCSW, owner and lead therapist,


Areas of expertise:

  • Anti-oppressive Social Work Practice

  •  Decolonized Mental Health Practice

  • Holistic Therapy

  • Therapy with Marginalized populations

  • Intersection of Complex Physical Health and Mental Health

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